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arc welding fabrication

Custom fabrication and welding services to Houston and surrounding areas.

Arc Welding Fabrication
Custom fabrication and welding services to Houston and surrounding areas.
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Established in 2009, Arc Welding Fabrication was initiated to meet the current needs of the modern US welding industry, with state-of-the-art technology capable of carrying out complex and precise welding at economical prices. Arc Welding Fabrication is a trusted and renowned name for Houston welder specialists and fabricators. Equipped with modern technologies and a top-class Industry-leading range of diverse equipment we are trustworthy Precision Welding & Fabrication specialists in Houston. We have brand ingenuity and take a zero-hustle professional approach to ensuring safety, comfort, and elevated design delivered to you.

Arc welding fabrication has more than a decade of technical expertise in industrial welding, custom fabrication, and metal repair in Houston.

Arc Welding Fabrication is a well-reputed name in Precision Welding & Fabrication and a reliable service for residential, commercial, and industrial welding projects in Houston and around.

We have a huge respect for your time, energy, and money therefore every team member of Arc Welding Fabrication puts our client forward and delivers what we promise.

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Our Welding Services Houston

We Are Professional Welders In Houston

Aluminum Welding Services Houston

Arc Welders offers Aluminum welding services in Houston for fixing aluminum pipes and repairing and joining tubes and boilers for your setup. Our highly skilled and professional aluminum welders in Houston are available on a single call to complete your work. We have established a history of completing multiple projects on aluminum welding services in Houston for commercial and residential setups. Aluminum is a soft metal and therefore delicate and keen attention is needed for its welding. We have all that it needs: skilled labor and a high-quality setup for the fabrication and welding. During the process, our every step is closely monitored by certified welders with full care and safety protocols. As an industrial and engineering small welding company in Houston, we take great interest in providing the best services to our worthy clients. 


Looking to connect and reinforce pipes for industrial purposes? Our pipe welding services offer top-notch solutions. We specialize in utilizing advanced welding techniques such as MIG and TIG welding to securely join pipes, ensuring durability and reliability.

At ARC Fabrication Services, we cater to diverse welding needs, whether it’s twisting, angling, or tilting pipes. Our certified professionals oversee the entire welding process, prioritizing safety and efficiency. Whether it’s repairing pipelines in plants or welding large pipes for liquid transportation in refineries, we deliver impeccable results.


Unlock the potential of stainless steel with our top-tier fabrication services in Houston. At Arc Welders, we boast cutting-edge machinery and a skilled team dedicated to delivering outstanding results.

From welding to maintenance and fabrication, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise spans across a wide array of stainless steel projects, including repairing steel railings, welding steel tables, chairs, counters, and sinks. As a trusted supplier, we provide reliable stainless steel repairs and welding wire solutions.

Backed by our experienced welders, we excel in working with both hot and cold steel, as well as aluminum rolled sheets. With a track record of successfully handling structural and industrial fabrication projects, we’ve contributed to numerous prestigious endeavors in Houston. Partner with us for unmatched craftsmanship and reliability in stainless steel fabrication.

Tig Welding

Elevate your welding projects with Arc Welding Fabrication services, Houston’s premier welding specialists.

Experience the pinnacle of TIG welding with our certified experts, ensuring clean and effortless welds on any metal type.

From custom welding for wagons, lawnmowers, and bike frames to precision trailer repairs and automotive work, Arc delivers unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our passion for welding extends beyond functionality—we turn it into art. Trust us to streamline your manufacturing processes with decades of expertise and skill, providing precise metal welding services and custom fabrication experiences.

Mig Welding

Explore the power of Mig welding with Arc Welding Fabrication, your go-to source for premium welding services in Houston.

Mig welding, also known as Metal Inert Gas welding, is the ultimate solution for tackling thick and large materials with precision and strength. Our certified welders specialize in seamlessly joining various materials, delivering impeccable results every time.

At Arc Welding Fabrication, we’re dedicated to excellence and efficiency, striving to be your top choice for welding solutions. Our small welding shop in Houston is committed to providing the best welding experience, utilizing the continuous effort and energy required for Mig welding.

While Mig welding may be considered challenging and time-intensive, the results speak for themselves—cleaner and more stable welds that stand the test of time. Trust Arc Fabrication, the highly trained and passionate experts in Houston, to bring your welding projects to life.

Stick Welding

Our Houston Stick welding is an effective way to weld joints and alloys and is best for Precision Welding and fabrication of indoor items. Arc fabrication offers Stick welding in Houston which is one of the simplest and manual welding and can be easily done outdoors and indoors. You don’t have to worry about rusty, dirty metal doors or surfaces. Our certified welders create the cleanest and strongest bond through Stick welding and fabrication. Stick welding is a widespread and versatile welding process to weld doors, sheets, and repairs.

It is used during the construction process, shipbuilding factories, petroleum extraction, field repair, machine structural welding, metal parts manufacturing, steel fabrication, deep mining, and specifically nuclear industries. Arc welding services in Houston provide quality adhesion and installation services in Houston. 


Customize Welding

Looking for customized welding services? We’ve got you covered

We will assemble a custom quote for exactly what you want. Arc welder is a Best Small Welding Shops in Houston who provide high quality adhesion of aluminum welding services, stainless steel welding, stainless steel welding wire, carbon steel welding, high carbon steel welding, nickel rod welding, jet rod welding, and stainless steel rod welding.

We have an outstanding repute in custom welding services and Barbaro Welding Service.  With years of proven experience and skill set Arc welding and fabrication services are not limited to one shop only. We have certified and skillful professionals who will reach your facility with all tools and machinery and effectively get the job done. We practice complete safety precautions throughout the process and make sure nothing gets harmed.


Maintenance Repair

We do not weld the big machines only. Arc welders are available for your repairing and maintenance services as well. You can book us for a time visit in plants and refineries to check and repair your company or every month. Our well-skilled and effortlessly organized welders are available on a call to visit you and take care of all the damages you have in your machinery. 

Taking care of machines including boilers, streamers, big rollers, and heavy machinery is a tough task and we understand this. We proudly claim to repair any type of damage and maintain your place with our excellent Welding Services at very reasonable prices. We happily announce that you can avail of our Welding services anywhere in Houston. Our welding abilities are complete and extensive which work on every kind of metal and surface irrespective of its condition and state. 

Custom Metal welding

If you want to do custom fabrication we are here for you. Share what you have in your mind. Our experts are available to discuss your ideas and requirements through any means and available to help you out. We take pride in welding every kind of metal and surface. The top-class welders of our team can bring your idea into reality with their amazing skill set. We have completed hundreds of projects in Houston for custom welding on multiple kinds of metals and every single one of them was a huge success. Share your drawing with us and we will let you know how we can make it real for you. Custom metal welding needs a lot of minor details and attention to understand and work on so that we can create exactly what you need.  Give us a call and let’s discuss it.

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Reliable and Promising

We are a name of trust and best client relation. Whenever you are connected with us, your project is our responsibility. We deliver the top class results as per your need on time that make us consistent, reliable and trustworthy.

100% Safety

We are very careful when it comes to your safety. Our certified welders follow all safety protocols throughout the process. We have all the safety equipment and work under a complete monitored and controlled environment. Don't worry, you are always safe with us !

Uncompromised Services

We are professional welders and claim to deliver the best results. Our welding, fabrication and repairing services are very neatly done and delivered on time. We take pride in completing most challenging results with utmost beauty and simplicity. Try us today !

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